英 [faɪk]
美 [faɪk]
  • n.


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    Navigation tool with audible feedback on a handheld communication device having a reduced alphabetic keyboard
    Primary cardiac tumors: experience with 30 consecutive patients since the introduction of two-dimensional echocardiography.
    A new coupled ice sheet/climate model: description and sensitivity to model physics under Eemian, Last Glacial Maximum, late Holocen...
    Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of nelfinavir and CYP2C19 activity in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients with ...
    Comparison of areal and estimated volumetric bone mineral density values between older men and women
    Implementation and Initial Evaluation of the Glimmer Community Ice Sheet Model in the Community Earth System Model
    Caring for Medicare: Sustaining a Quality System
    Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of nel®navir and CYP2C19 activity in human immunode®ciency virus-infected patients with ...
    The infrared spectra of HCF 3 and DCF 3
    The mechanical and physiological performance reliability of selected isokinetic dynamometers