英 [raɪnd]
美 [raɪnd]
  • n.


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    From Francis Rynd (1801-1861) to AIDS
    På bølgje og berg - båten i røynd og risting
    D.C. Builds: The Anacostia Waterfront Chase W. Rynd Howard Decker Catherine C. Frankel Mary M. Konsoulis
    Arts Center Director Chase Rynd to Head Building Museum
    Millstone driver and rynd
    Effect of dispersion of supported palladium on its electronic and catalytic properties in the hydrogenation of vinylacetylene
    Presence of NMDA receptor subunits in the male lower urogenital tract
    Effect of Pd/C dispersion on its catalytic properties in acetylene and vinylacetylene hydrogenation
    EXAFS and XPS studies of the influence of metal particle size, nature of support and H 2 and CO adsorption on the structure and ele...
    Multi-turn railguns: concept analysis and experimental results