英 [əʊzə'nɒmɪtə]
美 ['oʊzə'nɒmətə]
  • n.


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    A new compact microwave spectroradiometer-ozonometer
    Design, calibration and performance of MICROTOPS II hand-held ozonometer
    Intercomparison of New Zealand filter ozonometer and Dobson spectrophotometer total ozone measurements
    Differences in Dobson Spectrophotometer and Filter Ozonometer Measurements of Total Ozone.
    A comparison of the new filter ozonometer MICROTOPS II with Dobson and Brewer spectrometers at Hohenpeissenberg
    Comparison between Brewer spectrometer, M 124 filter ozonometer and Dobson spectrophotometer
    Total ozone changes over Eurasia since 1973 based on reevaluated filter ozonometer data
    Ceilometer, sun photometer and ozonometer measurements of the aerosol optical depth,angstrom coefficients, water vapor and total ozo...
    Measurement of the vertical ozone distribution by means of an in situ gas phase chemiluminescence ozonometer during the intercompari...