• v.

    以臭氧处理,使含臭氧,变成臭氧( ozonize的现在分词 );

  • 英英释义

    ozonize[ 'əuzənaiz ]

    • v.convert (oxygen) into ozone


    Oxygen recycle type ozonizing apparatus
    Process and device for ozonizing tobacco
    Continuous process for ozonizing unsaturated compounds
    Preparation of Vitreous Enameled Electrodes for Ozonizing Discharge
    Treatment of dye containing wastewater by ozonizing-biological aerated filter process
    The Effect of Ozonizing Sulfuric Acid Electrolyte with or without Ultrasonic Field on Anodizing some Aluminum Alloys
    Treatment of acid rose dye containing wastewater by ozonizing – biological aerated filter
    Advanced treatment of petrochemical wastewater by ozonizing-biological aerated filter processes
    The Charecteristics of Superposed Discharge Type Ozonizing System Considering the Change of Temperature of. the Supplied Gas
    Advanced Treatment of Dyeing Wastewater by Biological Aerated Filter-Ozonizing-Biological Aerated Filter Processes