x squared

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    Grammatical Relations
    Selena gomez & the scene single round and round released on 27th september
    Generalized R-squared for detecting dependence
    Squared form factors for the A(1)Pi and B-1 Sigma(+) vibronic bands of carbon monoxide studied by high-resolution inelastic x-ray sc...
    Study of positive and negative association rules based on multi-confidence and chi-squared test
    Study of Positive and Negative Association Rules Based on Multi-confidence and Chi-Squared Test
    Monotonicity of effect sizes: Questioning kappa-squared as mediation effect size measure.
    Propagation properties of cosh-squared-Gaussian beam through fractional Fourier transform systems
    Thickness of molybdenum filter and squared contrast-to-noise ratio per dose for digital mammography.
    Time Squared: Repeated Measures on Phylogenies