英 ['kʊəʃ]
美 ['kʊrʃ]
  • n.


  • 学习怎么用


    Systems and methods facilitating the generation of automatic transitions in video
    Multi-Segment Zeppelin-Aided Robotic Rover for Ground-Based and Atmospheric Exploration
    Tathwir al-qursh al-maghghuth al-tafa'ali li-ta'lim al-khoth al-Aroby / Aunoer Rahmah
    Tathwir wasa'il al-qursh al-tafa'uli li-madah al-mustholahat fi al-tarjamah li-qism al-adab a-Aroby kuliyah al-adab jami'ah Malang a...
    RSH: A Link-Addition Strategy for Capacity Enhancement in Scale-Free Networks
    Phá bỏ cơ chế kích hoạt (active) trong Windows 7 mãi mãi mọi phiên bản
    Crowds:anonymity for Web transactions
    The chemistry of graphene oxide.
    Progress with proteome projects: why all proteins expressed by a genome should be identified and how to do it.
    Learning Bayesian Networks is NP-Complete