jute bag

英 [dʒu:t bæɡ]
美 [dʒut bæɡ]
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    Grasping device for jute bags and the like pieces of fabric
    [Recycle of jute bags; asbestos in agriculture, exposure and pathology ].
    Fumigation of jute bags with ethylene oxide and methyl bromide to eradicate potato ring rot bacteria
    Control of insect pests in grains stored in insecticide‐impregnated jute bags
    LC‐GC analysis of the aromatics in a mineral oil fraction: Batching oil for jute bags
    Mineral oil polyaromatic hydrocarbons in foods, e.g. from jute bags, by on-line LC-solvent evaporation (SE)-LC-GC-FID
    Bio-pesticide Treated Jute Bags: Potential Alternative Method of Application of Botanical Insecticides against Rhyzopertha dominica ...
    Potential of Hymenopteran larval and egg parasitoids to control stored-product beetle and moth infestation in jute bags.
    A one-generation cluster of malignant mesothelioma within a family reveals exposure to asbestos-contaminated jute bags in Naples, It...
    Spontaneous heating and ignition in stored palm kernels. V.—A study of the self‐heating of the palm kernels and the jute bags in t...