• n. 纵行蠕虫状纽带;狂犬病(等于hydrophobia) (lytta的变形)


蓝芫菁(Lytta caraganae Pall.)为害紫云英
The Larva of Priopus ishigakiensis (OHIRA, 1967) (Coleoptera, Elateridae) from Ishigaki-jima of Ryukyu Islands
The triungulin of two palaearctic meloe subgenera: Lasiomeloe reitter and micromeloe reitter (coleoptera, meloidae), with bionomic a...
Diet, Body Water, and Hemolymph Content in the Blister Beetle Lytta polita (Coleoptera: Meloidae)
Contrasting Responses of Southern House Spiders and Raccoons to Blister Beetle Prey
Placing of single articles e.g. chocolates or sweets in boxes - identifying position of article brought on belt by vision system and...
The First Complete 3D Reconstruction of a Spanish Fly Primary Larva (Lytta vesicatoria, Meloidae, Coleoptera)
[Breeding of Lytta vesicatoria in the laboratory and demonstration of cantharidine synthesis in larvae]
Some observations on blister beetles, family meloïdae, in Gambia, West Africa
embryology of Lytta viridana Le Conte (Coleoptera: Meloidae). iX. the central nervous system, stomatogastric nervoussystem, and endo...