winding shaft

英 [ˈwaɪndɪŋ ʃɑ:ft]
美 [ˈwaɪndɪŋ ʃæft]
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    Winding shaft
    Winding shaft
    Method of fastening a flexible sheet-like structure on a winding shaft, and roller blind
    Sunshade, with canopies on a winding shaft, has three vertical support rods on the ground and a controlled motor to drive the windin...
    Winder having winding shaft extraction device
    Blind-shaft winding plant
    Awning or sunblind with winding shaft for sheet on support
    Ascertainment of the minimal obliquity in inclined shaft winding
    Coupling device for the winding shaft of a safety-belt reeling mechanism with retensioning means
    Solidworks Simulation Based Finite Element Analysis for Fatigue of Winding Shaft of Winder for Waterproofing Membrane Production Line
    Design Methodology of man-winding shaft at Adriyala longwall project near OC-II mine of SCCL
    Winding shaft for a roller blind device